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What we do

We are a digital media company based in Budapest, that owns and operates a portfolio of digital assets.


We research, build, and strategically grow profitable websites that we either keep in our portfolio or sell to a qualified buyer.


Search engine optimization is at the core of everything we do. Growing each website’s organic traffic is our #1 priority.


Internet video is huge and growing. We take full advantage of it by producing high-quality informational and review videos.

Year of establishment

Profitable websites bought/sold

Unique visitors/month

Cups of coffee/year

Current portfolio

In May, 2024, our portfolio consists of the following 4 assets. We typically add/sell 1-2 websites per year.

Tgl Screenshot


Established: 2008
Competence: SEO, video production, video editing, copywriting
Monetization: recurring subscription, affiliate, ads

The first website and backbone of our portfolio, TGL has been going strong ever since it went online in 2008. The site provides high-quality video guitar lessons to beginner guitarists in 170+ countries around the world.

Pub Screenshot


Established: 2019
Competence: SEO, video production, video editing, copywriting
Monetization: affiliate, ads

PumpUpBoats is a niche website within the broader watersports niche. The site offers information on all aspects of owning and using inflatable watercraft (SUPs, boats, kayaks).

Rudystales Screenshot


Established: 2022
Competence: graphic design, book editing, copywriting
Monetization: Amazon KDP, merchandising

RudysTales.com is a series of picture and activity books aimed at 2-6 year olds.

Bcoc Screenshot3


Acquired: 2022
Competence: SEO, video production, video editing, copywriting
Monetization: affiliate, ads

BigCupOfCoffee.com was established 2 years before we acquired it. The site had good content and rankings, and we aim to grow it into an authority in the coffee niche.


Our online business model enables the team to work remotely (most of the time), so we can all find a balance between work and fun.

We are always on the lookout for new talent. Let’s talk if you feel you would like to work at a company in the online world where:

  • you can set your own hours,
  • can take ownership of responsibilities,
  • are expected to be creative and will be rewarded for it.

We are looking for good people to fill the following roles:

  • Graphic designer (web, print, video editing)
  • Copywriter/editor
  • SEO specialist

Upload your CV and a 3-4 minute video introducing yourself, and send us the links. We will get back to you

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